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This is a NITA Centre that host a number of industry-oriented courses targeting workers in the formal and informal sectors. The courses include short and long programmes [proficiency courses, skill upgrading courses, artisan courses, and tailor-made courses]. The Centres provides technical skills, has workshops and recreational facilities.

Brief History

Mathira Technical & Vocational College is Government/Public Technical & Vocational Training Institute (TVET).

Licensed by Technical Vocational Educational and Training Authority(TVETA) to offer Technical, ICT, Business and Entrepreneurial skills to Kenyans from all walks of life.

Driving school short course

Mathira TVC is the market leader in Driving School in Kenya.we have set industry standards in this area, with an overall objective of inculcating a safe motoring culture across the country and prepare learners to sync well in the technical industry . Mathira Driving School is recognised by Government, International Organisations and Corporate Private Sector.

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With the increasing demand for Plumbing technicians, the demand for builders is also rising. Kenya needs masons to work mainly in construction industries to achieve vision 2030. ICT is also a good choice, as you know that data science is not your forte. Beauty therapy can be your backup plan if ICT does not work out. Beauticians are also vital in this century, such as hairdressing, manicure nail beauty treatment , and even pedicure toe nails treatment.

Expert Instructors

Our expert trainers adopt a problem-solving mindset and are more flexible and opportunistic.


Our Certification are market driven and recognized in Kenya.

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8th May, 2023

School reopens

The college will re-open on 8th of May and we expect every student to report at Registrars office for Reporting though the School Management System. *Consider this important

17th - 21st Epril, 2023


Mathira Technical and Vocational College has been chosen as one of the centers to host the Konza Digital Skills Laboratory and offer training on digital literacy in collaboration with the ICT Authority Kenya.

July - August, 2023


We will Conduct Academic, technical and other national examinations offerd within the institution at basic and tertiary levels

Regionals 8th - 20th May, 2023

Nationals 20th - 23rd June, 2023


Science, Technology and Innovation are essential ingredients in the industrialization and sustainable development of nations.

31st May, 2023

Last Day of Booking for August 2023 TRADE TEST Grades III,II and I NITA EXAMS

NITA informs all esteemed clients that the approved consolidated training and assessment dates for Industrial Training Centres.

To produce highly talented, broadly trained and skilled persons through conducting high quality research for the labour market.

To provide a diverse community of learners with the technical and general education skills necessary for employment, personal growth and lifelong learning.

To form extensive partnerships leading to branding the college as a leader in training for the business and industry that will enhance the economic development and growth.

To embrace modern information communication technology in training.

To ensure that we exceed customer expectations and that every person benefits from their contact with Mathira Technical College.

To exercise efficient and responsible stewardship of the College’s financial and physical resources.

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As a Mathira Technical student, you have exclusive access to an unparalleled range of activities to enjoy skillful studies and enrich your experience. These activities are a great way to meet new people, develop skills, gain experience and make a difference.

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